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Welcome to our web site!

We are now booking orders for the 2016 season, both chicks and eggs for Northern bobwhite quail, Jumbo bobwhite quail, Jumbo brown quail, Valley quail, Gambel quail, Ringneck pheasant, Ornamental pheasant and poultry!  Please book your chicks and eggs early so we can schedule them to be shipped on time.

Our commitment to all our customers is to supply you with the finest, top quality, hatching eggs, chicks and adult birds that you can find! 

Here is a list of some of the the products we have:
CM Game Bird Farm and Hatchery, breeders and suppliers of: Valley Quail , Gamble Quail , Northern bobwhite chicks, Jumbo bobwhite chicks, Jumbo brown coturnix chicks, or known as (pharoah quail),  Northern bobwhite chicks, Jumbo bobwhite chicks, Jumbo brown coturnix chicks, Northern bobwhite hatching eggs, Jumbo bobwhite hatching eggs, Jumbo brown hatching eggs, Valley quail hatching eggs, Valley quail chicks, Valey quail adults, Gambel quail hatching eggs, Gambel quail chicks, Gambel quail adults, Chukar partridge, Chukar partridge chicks, Chukar partridge hatching eggs, Ringneck pheasant, Ringneck pheasant chicks, Ringneck pheasant hatching eggs, Golden pheasant (Red and Yellow), Lady Amherst pheasant, Tragopan pheasant, Impeyan pheasant, Elliot pheasant, Edwards pheasant, Reeves pheasant, Swinhoe pheasant, and Siamese fireback pheasant.  All pheasant are subject to availability!

1000- Bobwhite Hatching Eggs Special ($395.00)...FREE SHIPPING

Special of the month!!!!!
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